Asdfsd essay

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Asdfsd essay

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This compilation is divided into 3 parts. As their name indicates, these questions intended to help you revise the main points of each unit.

Asdfsd essay

The NGC and IGC refer different legislation in their exams so it would not be the best idea to have a look through the NGC1 papers however the NGC2 the risk paper does have similar general questions but be careful again of the references to legislation.

The author recommends sticking to the IGC exam papers only to prevent any issues and confusion when the exam time arrives - it will be no good having model answers for an NGC question for an IGC question.

Also note that wherever allotted marks were mentioned in the or iginal source, they have been also been mentioned over here. This should help to identify the Asdfsd essay which should be taken to minimize the risks to young people.

There should be clear lines of communication and regular appraisals. Excavation work is being carried out on a construction site. On the other hand, informing is a one way process where t he employer Asdfsd essay simply supply the information to their employees regarding such matters as hazards, risks and control measures.

The i ntroduction of emergency procedures would also require consultation with employees. Second stage is to identify those exposed to the hazards s uch as operators, maintenance staff, cleaners and visitors and noting in particular groups who might be especially at risk such as young or workers with disabilities.

The fourth stage involves recording the significant findings of the assess ment in a written and retrievable form. Q18 Outline, with examples, the general hierarchy that should be applied in order to control health and safety risks in the workplace 8 A18 Eliminating the risks - by designing them out, changing the process or contracting the work out.

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Moral, Social and Economic. Q20 Outline the factors that should be considered when selecting individuals to assi st in carrying out risk assessments in the workplace. Some training in these areas should offer evidence of the required competence. They should be experienced in the process or activity under assessment and have technical knowledge of any plant or equipment used.

They should have knowledge of any relevant standards, HSE guidance and regulations relating to the activity or process. They must be keen and committed but also aware of their own limit ations. They need good communication skills and be able to write interesting and accurate reports based on evidence and the detail found in health and safety standards, codes of practice, re gulations and guidance.

Some IT skills would also be advantageous. Finally, the views of their immediate supervisor should be sought before they are selected as team members.

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Q21 Describe the key stages of a general risk assessment. Stage 1 is hazard identification which involves looking at significant hazards which could result in serious harm to people. Trivial hazards should be ignored. This will involve touring the workplace concerned looking for the hazards in consultation with workers themselves and also reviewing any accidents, ill health or incidents that have occurred.

Special groups at risk, like young persons, nursing or expectant mothers and people with a disability, should also be identified.

Stage 3 is the evaluation of the risks and deciding if existing precautions or control measures are adequate. The purpose is to reduce all res idual risks after controls have been put in to as low as is reasonably practicable. It is usual to have a qualitative approach and rank risks as high, medium or low after looking at the severity of likel y harm and the likelihood of it happening.

A simple risk matrix can be used to get a level of risk. The team should then consider whether the existing controls are adequate and meet any guidance or legal standards using the hierarchy of controls and the General Principles of Prevention set out in the Management Regulations.

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Stage 4 of the risk assessment is to record the significant findings which must be done if there are five or more people employed.

The information contained in the risk assessment must be disseminated to employees and discussed at the next health and safety committee meeting. Stage 5 is a time scale set to review and possibly revise the assessment which must also be done if there are significant changes in the workplace or the equipment and materials being used.

Q22 Outline a hierarchy of measures for controlling exposures to hazardous substances.puter Security Handbook to provide guidance in recognizing these threats, eliminating them where possible .

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