Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

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Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

Differences Between Innate and Adaptive Acquired Immunity Different tissues work together in harmony to form complex systems in order to serve different vital functions in our body. Immune system is one of the most crucial systems of the body that is very important for human survival.

It encompasses tissues and cells that are associated with the defense of our body from different pathogens and infectious agents.

The immunity or capacity to fight an infectious agent without producing the signs of illness is generally classified into two different types: The purpose of both the systems is to protect the body from diseases or illnesses.

However, in order to understand the functioning of each, some basic knowledge about these two varieties is shared here. Innate or Natural Immune System Innate immune system is also referred to as immediate response immune system.

This system activates within minutes to hours after a foreign agent invades within the human body. Innate immune system is composed of two lines of defenses. First line of defense consists of skin mainly the epidermisgastric acid in the stomach and mucus membranes.

Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

The second line of defense consists of chemicals and cells that are released in the blood after being exposed to a pathogenic stimulus. Adaptive or Acquired Immune System Adaptive system is mainly responsible for more complex reactions.

This system activates after innate response is fully activated.

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Initially, the antigen entered in body is identified by the specific immune cells, and then a cascade of reactions is started in the form of antigen antibody reaction to attack the antigen.

This immune system also includes generating memory of antigens, which will save their identities in the memory cells so that a specific response will be initiated soon after entry of the same pathogen in future. Although the end result of both the immune responses is same, which is to provide immunity and clear off the body from pathogen, they can be differentiated based on following criteria.In contrast, the innate system is not antigen specific and reacts equally well to a variety of organisms.

Finally, the adaptive immune system demonstrates immunological memory. It “remembers” that it has encountered an invading organism and reacts more rapidly .

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The innate immunity helped by barriers such as skin, tears, mucus, saliva, and infection. But the innate can't usually prevent disease completely. After the disease has passed through this it has a specific immunity which is known as adaptive immunity.

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Apr 21,  · Compare and contrast the development and function of B1 and B2 cells throughout life. INTRODUCTION: B cells are the effector cells of antibody mediated immunity, the . Compare and Contrast the Biological Processes Underlying Innate and Adaptive Immunity In the biology Immunology field, immunity is defined as the balanced state of a living organism for instance, the human body having sufficient biological defenses to combat infection, illness, or other unwanted biological incursion, while having acceptable.

Contrast and essay compare humoral mediated and immunity cell