Essay on good fences make good neighbors

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Essay on good fences make good neighbors

The wall is a metaphoric, as well as literal element in the poem. The speaker conveys not only the differences between himself and his neighbor, but the implications of those differences.

The speaker conveys the difference between his neighbor and himself. The wall symbolizes the split of personalities and properties between the neighbors.

However, his neighbor believes the opposite. He has a reason for the wall.

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The speaker however, has his own set of beliefs, not guided through a parent figure. He thought for himself and did not let anyone influence his beliefs; which lead to how their personalities differ along with their beliefs. The wall is the symbol of the metaphorical splitting of beliefs, as well as the literal splitting of properties.

When the speaker talks about the pine and apple tree, he is using imagery. By imagining the plants, the reader is better able to see the split in personalities.

He is implying that the neighbor believes separate properties are better. The neighbor does not want to know his neighbors on a personal level.

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Getting along by being friendly is good for him. For the neighbor, the wall symbolizes separation, not getting too involved with the neighbors, and having privacy. In reality, no one can pick all of their neighbors. The neighbor may not have to like his neighbor, but he does have to live next to him, which is why he keeps a friendly but distant relationship.

The man likes his privacy. In contrast, the speaker believes mostly the opposite. The speaker is under the impression that a wall is meant to keep something in or out.

For the speaker, the wall symbolizes imprisonment, animal fencing, and a barrier.

Essay on good fences make good neighbors

He is not an animal.May 31,  · The meaning of “good fences make good neighbours” Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.: School Essays: A fence is a good thing even for neighboring houses. The neighbors may be friendly towards each other.

Essay on good fences make good neighbors

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” Robert Frost’s Mending Wall taps into the lives of two neighbors and the importance of the fence between their properties. The original purpose of a fence was to keep the dog from running away, and to keep the farm animals together.

A second possibility is that fences make for good neighbors because each year Frost must work with his neighbor to repair the fence. The joint cooperative effort means that the neighbors have a reason to get together at least once a year and complete a common task under positive circumstances.

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It is a ritual which has it's own paradox, it causes two neighbors to cooperate so that the wall which separate them to be sustained.

How do good fences make good neighbors?

It divides even their energies at this moment as they keep the wall between them as they walk. The narrator doesn’t feel the need to have a wall there, but the neighbor feels like “Good fences make good neighbors”. He feels good fences make good neighbors because the wall breaks in the winter when it “sends the frozen ground swell under it”.

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