Eyfs medium term plans

They imagine alternative scrapes for Mog, design a perfect pet and present medals for kindness and bravery. They then write a story closely based on the second book. They will understand how to use extended noun phrases and the effect exclamation marks produce. Information texts Through the exciting theme of farms, children will learn the textual features of a non-fiction book.

Eyfs medium term plans

Whilst this may be applauded in some circles, it has increased the amount of pre history to be learned, at the expense of more recent history.

So we need to be mindful of this. As the history of the Anglo-Saxons was so intertwined with the Vikings for centuries, I think there is a good case to be made for creating a combined unit, hence the reason for placing the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings together in this category.

Although I have created separate medium term plans for both, it should be clear that both plans have some common ground and need to be linked in some way.

New lessons will be regularly added to meet the demands of the changing primary curriculum. You can see what these are by visiting the Recently Added section which contains list of publications in production.

Subscribers only can request previews of these draft materials at any time. What should we do with Edgar? The mystery of the empty Saxon grave. Pupils are put in the role of detectives to investigate the Sutton Hoo bodiless ship burial. Having looked at the clues they then use their deductive power to work out which of 4 suspects is most likely to have been the owner.

How do we know where the Saxons settled? Literally bells and whistles: What were they like? Starting with a fun reconstruction relay about Viking ships.

Eyfs medium term plans

Smart Tasks Push or Pull? What were the real reasons why the Saxons invaded?

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A fun thinking skills activity in which pupils infer from visual clues before moving on to analyse a range of influence cards and evaluate a video before coming up with their own explanation.

Are we fair to the Vikings? However, because the Vikings is such as dramatic topic, it is developed beyond the nature of settlement.

Eyfs medium term plans

It is important to help children to appreciate how careful we must be when labelling groups of people, whether it is today asylum seekers, Polish builders! The lesson on the Vikings: Pupils are asked to counter the relatively stereotypical view that often surrounds the Vikings in the media.

They test the evidence and realise the importance of being sure that your judgement is based on sound evidence.


In this way pupils learn to evaluate what is being said. The links with geography are very strong here as is use of ICT. You will be helped to explore an Anglo-Saxon village and 3D artefacts as well as seeing video clips of a recent archaeological dig. In the News October Vikings, raiders or traders?

The latest evidence The discovery of the first fully intact Viking burial site in the UK October 20th — on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Scotland provides a great opportunity for de-bunking some well known Viking myths.

About rivets — the remains of the boat he was laid in — were also found. Previously, boat burials in such a condition have been excavated at sites on Orkney. Until now mainland excavations were only partially successful and had been carried out before more careful and accurate methods were introduced.

Other finds in the 5m-long 16ft grave in Ardnamurchan included a knife, what could be the tip of a bronze drinking horn, a whetstone from Norway, a ring pin from Ireland and Viking pottery. These finds question the stereotypical image about the Viking helmeted warriors pillaging the land at will.

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More than a thousand years after the first Viking longships landed on British shores, a study has shown the blood of the Norse warriors still flows through the veins of swathes of the population.

The Viking genetic marker — M17 — is also present in the Western Isles in large numbers. The Viking world stretched from Newfoundland to the Middle East and beyond.

Objects moved over thousands of miles across a great network. Not all of the objects survive silk, spices, etc but others tell of great adventures.

There have even been finds of coins and jewellery from as far away as Baghdad, Samarkand and Tashkent — many in areas now argued to be rural and far from modern trade routes. While they undoubtedly struck fear into the natives on their arrival, the Vikings settled in Scotland for around years.

They were farmers who kept a variety of animals, including sheep, cattle, and pigs, and grew crops such as barley and oats.Welcome to the Beacon Church of England Primary School. Learning Together, Following Jesus. Welcome to the website for The Beacon Church of England Primary School in Liverpool.

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Use these fantastic differentiated SPaG activity mats to revise key skills in grammar, spelling and punctuation taught during year 2. Download all the resources you need for your autumn term festival and celebrations topic in this handy pack.

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