Gcse physical education coursework

It could be beneficial for pupils to try and make there own acronym for each.

Gcse physical education coursework

Miss C Leath Subject Leader: Mr P Goodwin Aims of the department The aim of the PE Department at Madeley School is to empower the students with the knowledge, values, skills and personal qualities to be confident and keen to take part in sport and physical recreation activities.

These are taught on a modular basis by a team of specialist staff. In Year 8 and Year 9, students are given the opportunity to personalize their own curriculum and choose their preferred activity block. Positive, well-motivated attitudes towards a healthy, enjoyable, social lifestyle are always encouraged as well as self-reflection, with students given opportunity to assess strengths and weakness and identify their next steps.

There are a wide range of clubs and practices both at lunchtime and after school. The school also enters teams in a number of local and regional leagues and competitions.

Gcse physical education coursework

Students are encouraged to represent the school and progress to gain district or County representative honors wherever possible. Where appropriate students are put into contact with local reputable clubs for coaching and further experience.

The school has achieved great success over the years in a range of both team and individual sports and this is always celebrated by announcements in assemblies, photographs on the plasma screen or pupil achievement board in the foyer, the award of credits, prizes or other awards etc.

For example, each year the prestigious Gordon Banks Trophy is awarded at Presentation Evening to the pupil judged to be the most successful in Physical Education over the previous twelve months, either in or out of school.

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Pupils will follow a non-examination course. What will students study? Throughout, pupils will be given the opportunity to: Mr P Goodwin What course do I follow? These will both be taken at the end of Year There is also an expectation that pupils take part in extra-curricular physical education at Madeley.

This could be in the form of house competitions, lunchtime or after school clubs.Home > Physical Education. Question: Analysing and Improving Coursework Task: Tennis Answer: In order to be successful in the game of tennis a performer needs certain skills and consistent skills/techniques.

The skills the performer would need are good all around fitness, very good reactions as the tennis ball is hit at extreme pace throughout the rally (including the serve), for example if. Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations GCSE Physical Education General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE J General Certificate of Secondary Education (Short Course) GCSE J OCR Report to Centres June 2a.

OCR’s GCSE (9–1) in Physical Education (J) 6 2b. Content of GCSE (9–1) in Physical Education (J) 7 2c Content of Physical factors affecting performance (01) 8 2c Content of Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology (02) 19 2d.

Content for non-exam assessment: Performance in physical education (03) 26 2e. With the practical coursework being such a key element of the course, students must show a good ability in a range of sports as well as being fully committed to extra-curricular school activities.

What could I do next with GCSE Physical Education? GCSE Physical Education Prepare for the first assessment in Ross Howitt Youth Sport Trust, Coventry – March Choose another area of the theoretical course 4.

Justify how knowledge of this area could improve performance 5. Demonstrate how it could be used in the future.

OCR GCSE Business Studies qualification information including specification, exam materials, teaching resources, learning resources. GCSE Physical Education is a demanding yet fun course to participate in, as it combines both practical and theory elements. The practical element is 40% of the overall grade and can be delivered through the student undertaking 3 different sports and a Personal Exercise Plan. As teenagers get their GCSE results, we explain the new grading structure in England.

Physical Education ‘Our subject area can and should be at the core of any curriculum because it’s about critical thinking and collaboration, it’s about personal, mental, physical and social well-being and it’s about our pursuit of excellence both personally and professionally.’.

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