Industry analysis on backpacks

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Industry analysis on backpacks

Posted in Blogs Workers Compensation Did you drive on a road, enter a building, or walk on a sidewalk today? If you did, you were using something built, repaired, or maintained by construction workers.

The handiwork of construction workers is something we experience and utilize every day. However, the struggles of construction workers, particularly their hazardous workplaces, often go unnoticed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statisticsaround 1, people work in the construction industry in the United States.

Their jobs include everything from building towering apartment complexes to filing in potholes on the road. The industry is predominately male, and many workers are Hispanic and Latino. Because their industry involves hazards like heights and heavy machinery, construction is a very dangerous job.

Inthe Bureau of Labor Statistics found that construction accidents accounted for deaths. That is a fatality rate of Roofers and electricians were the groups most affected by on-the-job injuries and fatalities. Falls By far, falls are the most common accidents in construction settings.

At a work-site, causes of falls include unstable ladders, weak scaffolding, or slips on uneven surfaces. Electrocution Inelectrocutions accounted for about 8.

In daily life, electricity is all around us. At a construction site the chances of electrocution increase, because electric wires might be exposed, frayed, or broken. While doing a job that requires digging into the ground, they might come into contact with an exposed wire.

Certain construction professions, like utility pole maintenance and repair, put workers at an even higher risk of electrocution or electric shock. Struck by object At a construction site, there is often a lot of heavy equipment and debris. Injuries could be caused by errant pieces of machinery, falling beams or other materials, or debris like rocks or metal.

If a worker is struck in the head or neck by an object, they could experience paralysis or head trauma. Similarly, hits to other parts of the body might cause internal bleeding.

For example, they could be pinned behind a wall by a heavy machine, or become trapped if roof beams collapse. This includes harnesses and railings to prevent falls, and proper procedures when dealing with electricity, heavy materials, or heavy machinery.

Workers should not work in dangerous conditions, like working on a narrow walkway during rainy weather or operating heavy machinery during low visibility.

While their work is often important to the wellbeing and convenience of others, construction workers should still be treated with the same respect as workers in any other field. Our firm is one of the oldest personal injury law firms in Tampa Bay.Backpack Industry Trends Overview.

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Industry analysis on backpacks

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Trudging from place to place with heavy weights on our backs is an everyday reality, from schoolchildren toting textbooks in backpacks to firefighters and soldiers carrying occupational gear.

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