Pest analysis of marriott international

Changes in the macro-environment factors can have a direct impact on not only the Marriott International, Inc. The macro-environment factors can impact the Porter Five Forces that shape strategy and competitive landscape. For example an Industry may be highly profitable with a strong growth trajectory but it won't be any good for Marriott International, Inc. Spanish oil giant Repsol had to face a similar instance.

Pest analysis of marriott international

Strategic Management - Case Study Marriott International Introduction The report focuses on Marriott International putting strategic management at the center core of analysis and discussion that allows Marriott strengths and weaknesses to be known and be evaluated according to such SWOT related strategies, CPM, EFE, IE matrix and many other important points for strategic management recognition of Marriott International.

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There is important account to the strategic analysis of Marriott International, there implies to external and internal environment of the company wherein critical discussion and analysis is acquired to add up levels of certain market based tools for definite analysis such as, SWOT, matrix like CPM, and Grand Strategy.

Marriott is working well with is critical success factors as well as core competencies as provided in their financial flows which involve important ratios and figures in which strategic models are set properly.

There has been rapid market dominance in terms of products and services, achieve global breakthrough over its rivals Shangri-La and Mandarin.

Marriott develops, operates and franchises hotels and corporate housing properties under separate brand names, and it develops, operates and markets timeshare, fractional ownership and residential properties under four separate brand names.

Marriott International has carried out certain strategy resulted into effective market share and good profitability. Has left other businesses and increasingly focused on hotel industry services and believed in the business process like, Marriott International product process, customer commitment process, and management and support process and performance of the process were measured from several perspectives Kosonen, of customer satisfaction, operative efficiency, people involvement as well as strong market position and market share, growth, net profit.

Marriott International prioritizes customer relationship and service offering, growth efficiency and the ability to offer effective customer promotions for hotel industry success David, p. The illustrative case of Marriott International showed a kind of strategic shift can be observed in the market behavior of Marriott, the importance of strategic management areas may change which should be taken into account, better signal to Marriott International management for a continuous strategic planning and execution.

Posted by Gian at.Pestle Analysis Political Factors. Trinidad remains politically stable and the rising affluence of its population continues to provide solid base for sustained growth, which will trigger investor’s confidence in the hotel industry that leads to investments for the Marriott.

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Financial Analysis of Marriott International In sixteen pages a financial analysis of Marriott includes product market scope matrix, product stretch, BCG matrix, product life cycle, the 7P's, SWOT analysis, and marketing mix. Eight sources are listed in the bibliography.

Pest analysis of marriott international

Marriott International, Inc. SWOT Analysis. // Marriott International, Inc. SWOT Analysis;Dec, p1 A business analysis of Marriott International Inc., which is a hospitality company, is provided, focusing on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and threats to the company.

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Political Positive and pragmatic collaboration with UK Government has brought Hospitality Industry into key success area of economic development in UK.

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