Soren chemical and pricing strategy

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Soren chemical and pricing strategy

Since the sales of the new product were way below what Jean Morris had anticipated, It Is apparent that the new product had registered poor performance in the market. The company needs to employ effective market strategies through which it would increase the number of Coracle units, which would sold in the subsequent financial year.

The growth of Coracle is apparently lower than its counterpart pool clarifier, Kaolin MM. Morris conviction that Coracle had a large potential market demonstrates that there is more that can be done to salvage the new product from market failure. The urgent challenge which Sorer Chemical needed to overcome is to convince retailers that the product had the potential of significant growth in the market.

Soren chemical and pricing strategy

It is only through this conviction that the company would be able to ensure that its new clarifier Is shelved and presented to buyers. Coracle was already tailored to meet the specification of residential pools, but Its resultant performance In the market did not improve adequately.

It is the safety concerns which would be attributed to the low financial performance of the company. The clarifier market, within residential pools, is depicted as untapped. It is as a result of this that Coracle was refined, so that it would fit into this market. It is through innovativeness in the development process that Coracle was created for less frequent use and reduced bather loads.

The fragmentation of the residential pool market depicts the significant opportunities therein. This is depicted by the reality that there were more residential than commercial pools within the US market. The variance In purchase behavior, between private and professional consumers of clarifier, demonstrates the need for the company to change Its marketing tactics for Coracle.

The company also needed to overcome the competition from Camera, Jackson laboratories and Keystone Chemicals. The marketing plan, which was presented by Morris, had not taken into consideration of the competitive market climate.

It is as a result of this that the marketing efforts were faced with the dilemma of promoting Coracle within the market, which they had little understanding of, unlike the competitors who were conversant with the market.

It is evident from the case study that the marketing challenge involved retailers, distributors and as well as consumers.

Morris indicates that they needed to align the market incentives with that of the competitors. This reveals that there was Inadequate planning on how to revive better or superior Incentives In order to attract the target market.

More importantly, the company needed to work promptly before the peak for residential purchases of clarifier was over. Since the clarifier market is described as mature, a new product, such as Coracle, would inevitably meet challenges of attaining a competitive advantage, early in its introduction to the market.

Soren chemical and pricing strategy

However the performance of Kaolin MM, at its introduction to the market, was more impressive than Coracle. This reveals that there was inadequate awareness within the market about the functional benefits and the cost savings, which would result from the purchase and use of Coracle in clarification of residential pools.

The marketing strategies, which were employed in the promotion of Coracle, are not specified within the case study. Nonetheless, on the basis of theoretical evidence, effective marketing communication approaches, such as integrated marketing, should have been employed by the company.

This would have popularized the product and gained the attention of the buyers.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Social Justice Education for Teachers, Carlos Alberto Torres, Pedro Noguera My First Wheel Book of Animals, Robert Salanitro The Day of the Confederacy, Nathaniel W. Stephenson Burrows, Therese Hopkins .

Soren Chemical needs to convince them that even though they’re seeing a decrease in revenue, they will see an overall increase in revenue in the long run if they promote Coracle and give it desired shelf space.

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Dec 01,  · Topics include distribution channels, pricing, and new product marketing. Jen Moritz, the marketing manager for Soren Chemical Co. is struggling with the poor sales performance of Coracle, a new clarifier for residential swimming pools.

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