Spreadsheet assignments

I shared all of my deepest, darkest, OCD-iest secrets and I thought I sounded like a completely crazy person. It really is one of the most important ways that I keep my schoolwork and study time organized! What is a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet? It is one single list that combines the due dates and important info from all of your classes.

Spreadsheet assignments

You should add at least one assignment before going to the next step.


The Assignments screen Spreadsheet assignments you to add, edit, delete and copy assignments. You can also use the "add and score" button to add and score an assignment at the same time. Each category defined in the Categories Screen that does not have sub categories can have multiple projects or assignments associated with Spreadsheet assignments.

Each category you defined is available from the pull-down menu at the top of the form. Select the category you want then add, delete, modify, copy or move assignments in that category. If you do not see a category that fits an assignment you want to add, use the Categories Screen to add a new category before you add the assignment.

If your class has grading periods, all of the assignments for the currently selected grading period are shown. If your class does not have grading periods, you will see a "Only Display Current Assignments" check box below the Category drop down and if it is checked, you are only shown assignments that are due within the dates four weeks prior to and following the current date.

If you check or uncheck the "Only Display Current Assignments" box, you need to click the Save button to make the screen redisplay the assignments that match your preference. After you have finished modifying the assignment list, click the save button to update the list of assignments. You can then work on another category by selecting it from the pull-down menu.

For example, "Read chapter one" could be the name you give an assignment. Points You can assign any number of points you want to an assignment. When adding a new assignment, the points column is given an initial default based on the value you specify in the My Account screen preferences section.

If you are like most teachers and do not weigh your assignments, the points you assign to each assignment have a direct impact on the students grade in the category because the students grade in the category is based on the total points they received out of the total possible points.

Thus, an assignment with more possible points is more important to the grade in the category that the student receives. If you have some assignments you want to keep track of that you do not want counted in the overall grades, put a zero in the points field.

College professors typically check this box. If this box is checked, the system will default the Date Assigned to the first day of the class and the Date Due to the last day of the class when you are adding new assignments.

Otherwise, the system will default the dates to the current date. Date Assigned Enter the date the project was assigned.

Date Due Enter the date the project is to be completed. If you check the Extra Credit box, students that earn points for the assignment will get a boost to their grade. When the grading engine computes grades, the final computation essentially boils down to the number of points a student earns divided by the Total Possible Points.

Therefore, students that earn points in the Extra Credit assignments get a boost to their grade.

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Student X then turns in an extra credit assignment and earns 70 out of the possible points in the assignment. Assignment Description If descriptions are not shown, you can make the screen show the assignment descriptions and an Edit link for each description by checking the "Descriptions" box and clicking save.

Click the "Edit" link for an assignment to pop up a window that lets you enter a description of what the student needs to do in order to successfully complete the assignment. You should also make sure you do not include all of the HTML code from a stand alone page because it will not work correctly.

If you want to include graphics from other web servers, please make sure the graphics are coming from a server providing https: If you link to pages that are not using SSL, teachers, parents, and students in your group will be shown messages repeatedly telling them that some of the content is unsecured.

Please note that the following are some but not all of the types of activities that are not allowed your in your HTML. If they are not converted, these tags can cause problems when you or your students try to view the pages on which they appear.

Google Spreadsheet Assignment

Special note about pictures and teachers that use the Internet Explorer This issue does not affect students that are taking quizzes. This issue only affects teachers that use the Internet Explorer when they are creating, modifying, and taking quizzes via the "Take Quiz" link in the Quiz tab menu.

If you are going to include pictures in your quizzes and you use the Internet Explorer web browser, you should store your pictures on a web server that supports SSL and use https instead of http for paths to your images so you can avoid the security warnings that the Internet Explorer will show you when the main page is accessed via https but the images are not.

If you must use the Internet Explorer and your school does not have a web server that supports https or will not allow you to store your images on it, you should remember to click "NO" when the Internet Explorer asks you if you if you only want to view secure images.From our course Web site, click Assignments, then click the link for Instructions for Submitting and Storing Assignment Files.

Go to the Blackboard site for this class under Assignment #5 Advanced Spreadsheet Assignment and click on the link.

Submit the spreadsheet assignment. Assignments will take approximately two weeks to grade. Assignments The Assignments screen is the fourth step/screen used in the 5 steps taken by most teachers when they create a new class. You should add at . ยง Implementation of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science, High School.

(a) The provisions of this subchapter shall be implemented by school districts.

Spreadsheet assignments

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B. Google Spreadsheet Grade Sheet Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your students' grades. Design a grade sheet that uses a weighted system for all course assignments and uses a grade curve table similar to those provided in your example documents and video tutorials.

Spreadsheet assignments

Lesson Plans/Activities Word Processing. FGCU Word Tutorial leslutinsduphoenix.com Microsoft Word XP/ Tutorial.

Spreadsheet Assignments