Swot analysis of national bank of pakistan

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Swot analysis of national bank of pakistan

Islamic Banking Department Critical Analysis I have worked 7 weeks in the Branch, during my stay, according to my theoretical and conceptually observation, how this branch is currently functioning in the market.

So my all observation will be base on my knowledge and conceptually. Critical analysis according to Branch General Postpositive I have observed during my stay in the branch, first branch look is not more attractive, as well as the floor too. Secondly, I have observed that NBP is not adopting very effective marketing strategy for promoting its business.

NBP has fewer promotion activities as compared to another bank as it directly reflects the sales. Thirdly I have often observed, staff attitude towards customers dealing is not up to the market.

Lot of complaint has been seen from the consumers regarding employee misbehavior. Fourthly I have observed, branch kitchen expensive are two high kitchen items are not properly used as tea man could care the kitchen items. Effective HR Practice leads to high employee efficiency.

Swot analysis of national bank of pakistan

NBP HR practices have to be addressed in this position, in order to examine the attitude and performance of the workers. A good manager cannot prove a good supervisor so NBP needs good supervision, definitely, it will enhance the bank outputs.

The second great variable is job training; I have observed that NBP is not adopting this strategy as compared to other banks. NBP has to conduct training program regarding employee work as most of the workers do not know how to do their job effectively.

So there are some types of training that Bank should have to conduct after assessment of the branch. Policy frame work of the NBP As we know that Policies are the great cause of frustration for the employee.

I have observed that NBP Policies are seemed too unclear or necessary. Because according to bank employee some policies are not following on the merit base. Most of the HR policies are unclear so the majority of the employee could not follow them.

According to this system, an employee might not feel great sense of motivation or satisfaction due to NBP Policies. NBP is required to minimize the employee dissatisfaction by making Policies are fair and apply equally to all workers.

Since this bank is not performing under the boundary of Punjab, the bank is working as a scheduled commercial bank with its network of branches at all major business centers in Pakistan, the bank provides all types of banking service such as a deposit in local currency, clients deposit in foreign currency etc.

NBP is performing their activities another province too. You could get its branch network from its official website, as it is functioning in another province with the sport of Government, Conclusion As we know that internship report of the national bank of Pakistan is a great tool for getting practical and professional knowledge.

I have learned a lot of professional activities from this branch. I have worked in the various department, learned something new from each, explanation about tasks is available in training program Report portion.

Swot analysis of national bank of pakistan

But on the other hand, during my stay at this branch and after writing this report, I have found some issue regarding NBP Promotion activities.He is also Director of National Assets Insurance Ltd, Atlas Power Ltd, Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd, Galadari Cement Gulf Ltd, Karachi Council on Foreign Relations and National Construction Ltd.

He holds an MBA degree from University of Dallas and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from USA. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is a Pakistan based commercial bank.

The Bank, through its subsidiaries provides a range of commercial banking and related products and services in Pakistan. Internship Report on National Bank of Pakistan With the innovation of online banking system the workload can be substantially decreased.

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