The surrogate mother womb for rent essay

Our Response Let me first pass a message to the parents who may be reading this:

The surrogate mother womb for rent essay

The surrogate mother womb for rent essay

Michele Surrogacy is a wonderful way for those who cannot carry a child to have a child of their own. The parents and the surrogate are adults.

They each understand their roles and go into this situation with their eyes wide open. There is mandatory counseling on both sides to prep them for this journey. They need the money and want to do a wonderful thing by helping a baby come into the world.

People sell their bodies every day. The people making minimum wage digging ditches, taking out garbage, and performing hard manual labor are selling their bodies.

When you sit behind a desk all day and answer phones you are selling your labor and presence. I am not sure where the bright line begins and ends on the majority of what people think is "acceptable" but this varies to each person. If The surrogate mother womb for rent essay parties involved are willing, then why disallow them to participate in surrogacy?

Some may see it as the "rich" ones exploiting the "poor" ones in this situation. However, look at the couple in this video: They are willing to sacrifice to be able to afford the surrogate.

The women who volunteer to be surrogates not only want to help a couple in need, but they need money too. This money can help with debt, paying for college, or even helping out with the needs of their families.

But there should be some federal govt. Are we not all familly? Gary Champagne As a father who was taken away from his child, were my rights not taken away? A Father who is refused custody of their child faces the same laws. I lived in a country which only accepts the rights of the mother if she is a citizen of that country as a non citizen I was told My son was a citizen of their country, internationally he has both, I was confrounted with the loss of my son for ever or my wife losing our son to the government.

I have to wonder why the legal system still has a problem with surragote parents, they date back to the start of time. Moses started the mosluims with a slave wife???

Watching your law review tonight,regarding the contractual law dealing with surragate parents in the US I was struck with the lack of consideration for history.

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Yes a women giving birth to a child my change her mind, but the biological father has no choice???? He has entered into the same contract, as has his wife, to care for the child.

With the surragate refussing to accept the agreement, he, the father is being held to a standard that she the surragate mother is not. The law must be clear on these matters it is an adoption Sadly from your program you wish this to be consisdered a sale of a child, under the law, it is set up as a hope for a couple to have a familly.

Should the law not reflect the facts, a contract is a contract. Jade There is something inherently strange and immoral to pay a complete stranger to carry a child for you. It is one thing for a family member to carry for another, it is quite another to have agencies raking in millions in profits at the expense of low income women in the US and around the world.

Some people can have children, others cannot. Infertility is something that must be accepted.

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It is sadly a part of life. Though I do feel badly for those who were frauded, I feel worse for the surrogates who are carrying babies and bonding and surrendering them.

I feel even worse for the children resulting from these transactions. Exploitation, transactions, growing a family no matter what you want to dress it up as, is just not right. Classism, poverty and using humans as breeders is a dark time in human history. Supply, demand and profitting in the realm of children makes it by proxy another form of slave trading.Two days after that, if all goes according to plan, some of the resulting embryos will be implanted into local surrogate Najima Vohra, a year-old mother of two.

Dec 01,  · In countries like India, Thailand and Nepal, authorities have become so alarmed by “womb-for-rent” scandals that they have cracked down on commercial surrogacy businesses. But in the U.S., state legislative efforts seem aimed at permitting the practice, not banning it.

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Dec 01,  · Vermont seems to have joined that list: This summer, lawyer Kurt Hughes and Jessica Stumpf, who had been a surrogate mother, started the state’s first . The Cause and Effects of Surrogate Mother Words | 7 Pages. The main causes of women choose to be surrogate mothers are poverty and kind human being, and its result in physical and mental effects to the surrogate mother.

II. Surrogacy is often done or committed is because of poverty. A. Effects of poverty 1. Hunger 2.

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