Writing an artist reflection painting

We should always be thinking about our processes, our decisions, our strengths and weaknesses, and our prejudices. Knowing these things will help you learn from your mistakes and use your strengths to their fullest advantage.

Writing an artist reflection painting

Now that we are days away from Summer Vacation school ends Tuesday!

writing an artist reflection painting

We sketch from life and sometimes from reference photos Find a journal that works for you. I find book sized works best 6"x 8".

I also like coil bindings but a book bound sketch book allows you to do a 2 page spread. Watercolor sketch books with good paper are hard to find and expensive!

So I often make my own. I cut my large pieces of wc paper to size, I add sketch paper for every second page and a very thick cardboard back. I then pack everything into a small field bag. So what's in my field kit I keep my brushes in a hard plastic case to protect the bristles, it's the only way, I have also used toothbrush travel cases for this.

Here is a really easy painting exercise that I do with the kids. It will help loosen you up. It's a water reflection painting and you can change up the scenery and make several of these.

That artist woman: Art Journals and a Easy Painting Exercise:

Great for school too! You can do reflections on a lake, river, ocean, pond, puddle, there are lots of possibilities. If you want you can lightly pencil in a horizon line. Start painting you sky in.

Be more intense at the top and then fade out into a squiggle at the bottom. I have used the color to indicate my horizon line and I stay mostly down the center of my page. I want this to be a city scene looking down a river.

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I'm only going to use a few colors here limited palette. Start putting in some shapes on one side to indicate buildings. When I reach that horizon line I dilute my color, my shapes are just smudges of color.

Do the same on the other side. Add a few shadows and darker details. I also smudge a little color into that horizon line just to define it a bit more.

You can then add a little detail in ink if you want and you're done. Here is a cabin on a lake at sunrise. Keep it loose and don't fuss.Showcasing the new work of Queensland artist, Todd Whisson, ‘A Time and Place’ is sure to captivate a broad range of art lovers in what is set to be a mesmerizing month at .

An artist's statement is a short piece written by you, the creative mind behind it all, to accompany a particular painting or group of paintings. An artist's statement shouldn't be dismissed as insignificant or dashed out in a hurry as it's a vital selling tool, promoting and explaining your work to.

Writing a Reflection or Artists' Statement What are the Principals of Art? Writing your Reflection Introduce WHAT IT IS.

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Include a simple statement of what your art is- subject matter and media. G ive reasons for creating the piece. Introduction starters A. Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist shows you how to combine your love of art with your faith!Engaging prompts, exercises, and lettering techniques will ignite your imagination.

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Synopsis. The iconic tortured artist, Vincent Van Gogh strove to convey his emotional and spiritual state in each of his artworks.

Although he sold only one painting during his lifetime, Van Gogh is now one of the most popular artists of all time.

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